The best laptop you can buy in 2021

The best laptop of 2021 can come with a variety of brands, prices, and features. Here, we’ve got the rest of the best laptops, Windows 10 business notebooks, gaming rigs, Chromebooks, laptops for school, and 2-in-1 convertibles. Our current pick for the best laptop of 2021 is the MacBook Air. It’s a device that does […]

Italian authorities fine Google $120 million for an Android Auto issue that’s already solved

The Italian Competition Authority (ICA) handed Google an approximately $120 million (€100 million) fine today for not letting a third-party charging app on Android Auto in 2019 (via 9to5Google). The case started with a probe into the search giant’s automotive software business, which until October 2020 had limitations around what kinds of apps were allowed […]